Ryan Tedder talks on Liam Payne’s solo material

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  • Ryan Tedder talks on Liam Payne’s solo material

    Interviewer: I’m curious, as a record producer, what you make of the different directions the various members of One Direction have gone in musically. Who could you see yourself working with out of that group?

    Ryan Tedder: I’ve already done a song with Liam [Payne] and I’m actually recording a second song with him next week. His stuff is spectacular. Another one of my writers, Noel Zancanella, who I did a lot of the Taylor Swift stuff with, and some of the Adele stuff that didn’t make the album, he has a huge record on the Liam album. It’s a dance record. I personally think it’s the biggest one on the album. I’ve heard about three records. I know what the first single is and there’s a lot of fame attached to the first single, I’ll say that.

    Interviewer: How would you describe Liam’s solo material?

    Ryan Tedder: If you took [One Direction song] “Story of My Life” and turned it into an album, that’s kind of Niall [Horan]’s direction, right? Zayn obviously went R&B and urban. Harry is classic Britpop; Mott the Hoople meets Robbie Williams—that lane. I like Louis [Tomlinson], but he’s the one I’ve talked to the least. Funnily enough of all the routes that people have taken, the one lane that was left wide open was straight pop. So Liam is pop, and doing it in a fantastic fashion. He has a killer voice. There’s elements of stuff I like from Usher, there’s stuff that’s edgy like The Weeknd…it’s all over the map—it’s pop. It’s really high quality. I’ve only done one song with him that I did with Stargate. I’m cutting another song with him next week. The other one that [Zancanella] did with J Kash, it’s my favorite record I’ve heard. If it’s not a hit I need to clear my ears out—it’s so good.

    Harry Styles’ “Sign Of The Times” earn new peak positions at radios

    Harry Styles’ “Sign Of The Times” officially enters the Top 20 on this week’s Mediabase pop radio airplay chart.

    “Sign Of The Times,” which debuted at #29 on last week’s chart, jumps to #19 this week. It received 3,920 tracking period spins.

    This week’s spin count bests last week’s mark by 1,992 plays, which represents the pop format’s greatest weekly airplay gain.

    As it moves into the Top 20 at pop radio, his single earns a Top 30 position at hot adult contemporary.

    The One Direction member’s debut solo single earns #28 on this week’s Mediabase Hot AC chart. It was below last week’s chart at #44.

    “Sign Of The Times” garnered 789 spins during the April 9-15 tracking week, representing a gain of 634 over last week’s (abbreviated) first-week sum.

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    Harry Styles reveals debut album release date and tracklisting

    Columbia Records announced on Thursday (Apr. 13) that Harry Styles’ self-titled debut album will drop on May 12. The 10-track album featuring the first single “Sign of the Times” was executive produced by Jeff Bhasker, with additional production by Alex Salibian, Tyler Johnson and Kid Harpoon.

    The eagerly anticipated debut from the One Direction singer will be available in a gate-fold vinyl LP edition — including a white vinyl version at hstyles.co.uk — as well as digipak CD and a limited edition CD with a 32-page hardcover book with exclusive photos taken during the recording sessions. All formats are available for pre-order on Friday, Apr. 14.

    The track listing for the album:

    1. “Meet Me in the Hallway”
    2. “Sign of the Times”
    3. “Carolina”
    4. “Two Ghosts”
    5. “Sweet Creature”
    6. “Only Angel”
    7. “Kiwi”
    8. “Ever Since New York”
    9. “Woman”
    10. “From the Dining Table”

    Album artwork: (Click to see full size)


    Styles will perform “Sign of the Times” and a second song from the album on Saturday Night Live this weekend.

    Louis Tomlinson will not be charged with crime in airport paparazzi fight

    Louis Tomlinson will NOT be charged with criminal battery in connection with an airport scuffle last month!

    The One Direction singer will go to the L.A. City Attorney’s Office for an informal hearing, where both sides are invited to present their version of events and a hearing officer will advise the parties how they should conduct themselves in the future… but no criminal charges will be filed.

    TMZ broke the story, Louis was arrested after a photog and a woman claimed Louis struck them in baggage claim. The photog and woman made a citizen’s arrest.

    TMZ sources say since the incident several LAX employees came forward and told authorities Louis never intentionally struck the photog or woman. And the employees said the woman was attacking Louis’ girlfriend at the time he confronted her.

    The City Attorney’s Office hearing will be held at the end of this month.

    Harry Styles has premiered his debut solo single, ‘Sign of the Times’.

    The track received its first play in the UK on this morning’s BBC Radio 1 Breakfast Show with host Nick Grimshaw.

    The One Direction star told Grimmers: “It’s the song I’m most proud of writing”.

    Styles co-wrote the track with producer Jeff Bhasker, who has previously worked with rapper Kanye West, Jay Z and Mark Ronson.

    The star is set to perform his debut song later this month on April 15 on the popular US TV show, Saturday Night Live. He is also set to perform it in the UK on April 21 on The Graham Norton Show.

    Styles has been shooting the music video for the track and was spotted hanging from a helicopter whilst doing so. The video is scheduled to be released later this month.

    Buy on iTunes or Amazon, Stream on Spotify or Apple Music and listen on VEVO.

    Also check out the lyrics below:

    [Verse 1]
    Just stop your crying, it’s a sign of the times
    Welcome to the final show
    Hope you’re wearing your best clothes
    You can’t bribe the door on your way to the sky
    You look pretty good down here
    But you ain’t really good

    We never learn, we been here before
    Why are we always stuck and running from
    The bullets? The bullets
    We never learn, we been here before
    Why are we always stuck and running from
    The bullets? The bullets

    Just stop your crying, it’s a sign of the times
    We gotta get away from here
    We gotta get away from here
    Just stop your crying, it’ll be alright
    They told me that the end is near
    We gotta get away from here

    [Verse 2]
    Just stop your crying, have the time of your life
    Breaking through the atmosphere
    And things are pretty good from here
    Remember everything will be alright
    We can meet again somewhere
    Somewhere far away from here

    We never learn, we been here before
    Why are we always stuck and running from
    The bullets? The bullets
    We never learn, we been here before
    Why are we always stuck and running from
    The bullets? The bullets

    Just stop your crying, it’s a sign of the times
    We gotta get away from here
    We gotta get away from here
    Stop your crying, baby, it’ll be alright
    They told me that the end is near
    We gotta get away from here

    We never learn, we been here before
    Why are we always stuck and running from
    The bullets? The bullets
    We never learn, we been here before
    Why are we always stuck and running from
    The bullets? The bullets

    We don’t talk enough, we should open up
    Before it’s all too much
    Will we ever learn? We’ve been here before
    It’s just what we know

    Stop your crying, baby, it’s a sign of the times
    We gotta get away, we got to get away
    We got to get away, we got to get away
    We got to get away
    We got to, we got to run
    We got to, we got to run
    We got to, we got to run

    Harry Styles admits he didn’t play ‘Sign of the Times’ for any of his One Direction bandmates

    Harry Styles finally debuted his highly anticipated first solo single, “Sign Of The Times” today (April 7), which was apparently the first time any of his One Direction band members got to hear the song too.

    During an on-air radio interview with SiriusXM the morning of the song’s release, the 1D singer spoke candidly about the passionate track, also confessing that no one in the band had actually heard the single until today.

    “I haven’t played it for many people, I’ve kept it very close to my chest,” explains Styles, who is the latest 1D member to drop a solo single. “It’s amazing to watch your friends put music out in the world and everyone so far has done amazing,” he added.

    The singer also touched on Louis Tomlinson and Liam Payne becoming young dads since One Direction began their hiatus. “I’ve spoken to both of them and they’re super happy,” he said. “It’s pretty great to watch.”

    Check out the interview below for more of Styles’ “Sign Of The Times” highlights:

    Harry Styles will perform a second new song on ‘Saturday Night Live’

    Love “Sign of the Times,” Harry Styles’ debut solo single? You’ll get to see him perform it on Saturday Night Live in eight days — as well as another new song.

    Sources tell Billboard that Styles will indeed play a second new song on SNL when he makes his debut on the Apr. 15 episode, which Jimmy Fallon will host. The One Direction member was announced as an SNL performer on Mar. 28, and his first post-1D single, “Sign of the Times,” was unveiled on Friday morning.

    “Sign of the Times” was produced by Jeff Bhasker and co-written by Styles; a music video for the song will be released later this month. On Apr. 21, Styles will appear on the BBC’s The Graham Norton Show, for his first solo performance in his native U.K.

    Harry Styles reveals how Adele guided his debut solo album

    Harry Styles will finally reveal his debut solo album’s first single ‘Sign Of The Times’ during his big, swanky, exclusive interview with Radio 1’s Nick Grimshaw in which he co-hosted the breakfast show.

    During the chat, the newly short-cropped Hazza explained that pop super-uber-mega star Adele has talked to him about the album, but she didn’t quite dish out advice.

    He said:

    “I’ve spoken to her a little bit, she knows one of the guys that I wrote it with (his music) a lot. But I don’t think so much advice, I just like how she does stuff. I think she leads by example, she’s the biggest, she’s amazing, she’s the best so she should be the biggest. The thing with her is she’s a different thing, she’s just good at it, I like how she does everything, it looks very nice.”

    Harry, who will make his first solo UK performance on The Graham Norton Show, explained:

    “For my 21st she gave me one of her albums 21 and said ‘I did some pretty cool stuff when I was 21, good luck’ and I was like geez.”

    Harry also revealed that he recorded the album in Jamaica, finishing it in December 2016, after taking a five-month break from recording to film Christopher Nolan’s Dunkirk. He also explained that there are around 30 songs that he made, including one that he wrote years ago and he completely ignored one song that Ed Sheeran really liked.

    “I think we wrote about 70 songs – we did 50 songs and ideas in Jamaica and that’s including like little ideas. Well full songs, I say there are 30 songs probably.”

    “One of the songs on the album, I wrote a few years ago.”

    Meanwhile, his bezzie-pal Grimmy did manage to tease Harry Styles about his dating life, even though he was obviously not keen to chat about it.

    He explained that he doesn’t stalk his dates on social media anymore, even though he used to and has been out of the game for a while to create his new album and film Dunkirk with Christopher Nolan.

    Speaking about whether it’s hard to date while famous, he said:

    “I don’t know, maybe. I feel like with all of the stuff how people date now, with all online stuff, I feel like you can do that (Google) with anyone really if you’re looking at someone’s profile before seeing them. It’s kinda the same…

    No, I used to (research dates), then I said I’m not going to do that anymore, it’s impossible to go in without a perception of someone and you’ve never met them and I started feeling like that was wrong and weird.”

    After that, Nick Grimshaw had a host of mega-watt celebs asking Harry questions and teased him that it wasn’t something weirder, like putting all of his exes in the Live Lounge. Now that’s an interview we’d wanna watch, although Harry said he’d rather “take the gunge” than face that.

    Check out the photos: (Click in any image below)


    Harry also addressed some of the wild rumours circling about him on the interwebz, including dating Barack Obama and having a sheep placenta facial. It turns out both are untrue, even though he’s one of the top Google image search results for ‘sheep placenta facial’.

    “I felt very naked for a while. I was like yeah, I’ve gotta shave my hair off. It wasn’t a hard decision, it got made into a wig.”

    Hear the full co-host and world premiere of Harry Styles’ debut single on Friday, April 7 on the Radio 1 Breakfast show from 8am.

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