Ryan Tedder talks on Liam Payne’s solo material

Have the Best Day Ever with Liam Payne

Join Liam Payne for a tour of his recording studio and a world-class meal at one of his favorite spots, Nobu;
Take home exclusive autographed merchandise;
Fly to LA and get put up in a 4-star hotel;

Dying to know what the new Liam Payne solo record is going to sound like? Here’s your chance to find out before anyone else. Liam is offering you and a friend the chance to join him at a recording session in Malibu, CA. Sounds like the perfect day, right? Well, believe it or not, it gets better. Not only are you going to hang with Liam in the studio, you’re also going to join him for lunch at Nobu, one of his favorite restaurants in sunny Malibu, CA. The restaurant’s on the water, the view is beautiful and the food is delicious. We’re about to pass out just typing about it. Oh, you’re also walking away with signed merch.

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