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Niall Horan hosts charity night and talks about golf, his pop career and more

The Irish lad formed Modest Golf management to nurture new sports talent after One Direction went on hiatus.

At the Horan & Rose Gala, Niall told UK Daily Star:

“I love my music and I’ve not knocked it off the cards.”

But he admitted life is very different away from 1D:

“Sport is quite different from the pop world. It’s a bit strange as well not having your life mapped out for you, like in the band. Modest Golf management is really enjoyable – obviously I have a big passion for amateur golf and will be trying to look for the next batch of players.”

Niall had secretly been in the studio working with songwriting great Wayne Hector.

He told:

“I don’t know where it will go, there’s nothing suspicious in the pipeline, I’ve just been writing. Writing is something I got involved with early on. I try to go in and write with different types of songwriters, mixing Wayne with somebody who does folk music or something like that. I’m interested in blending the two genres together, but it’s not for anything particular.”

Meanwhile, Niall should be proud of his new direction. Sunday’s Horan & Rose Gala raised an incredible £800,000 for Cancer Research UK Kids & Teens, as well as Irish Autism Action and the Kate and Justin Rose foundation.

The big-hearted lad added:

“Everyone knows a family member or friend who has died of cancer. It’s the leading cause of death in kids and teens, so we want to do our bit to stop that.”